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Cobb County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Cobb County encourages you to become involved with the process of updating the Cobb County Hazard Mitigation Plan. You may be a concerned citizen of Cobb County, a government or non-profit agency, a college or university, a businesses or industry, or other organization. Regardless, we value your input and invite your participation in the plan's revision process! The county has created this survey to make the current plan easily accessible and your participation convenient for you. Please review the information presented here and contribute your ideas and recommendations for planning to make Cobb County safer from the effects disasters. 

Read More about the plan:
CLICK HERE to read more about the 2016 Plan Update 


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5. This plan has to be submitted to the state in order for Cobb County to receive federal funding if a disaster occurs. After reading this document do you believe it is complete and ready to be submitted to the state?*
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