City Pair Survey


Cobb County International Airport is encouraging aircraft charter operators to consider offering scheduled charter flights from Cobb County International Airport– McCollum Field.

If this service were to be offered, Cobb County citizens would benefit by having the option to purchase a flight ticket using local air service from Cobb County International Airport on a business jet aircraft, avoiding the time loss and stress that is suffered by using airline service at other airports.

We are hoping to identify companies or individuals that make regular flights on a reoccurring basis to a destination to assist our efforts in demonstrating the potential demand for the service.

Does your Company or yourself make an average 5 or more flights to another single city per month?
If so what City/Cities?
On Average, how many roundtrip flights are purchased per month?
On Average, what is the cost of one roundtrip ticket that is purchased for the flights listed above?
Your Company Name:
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Information will be kept by Cobb County solely for the purpose of air service project.