Report a Lost Animal


Is your pet missing? After you have searched your neighborhood:
  1. Search this link for all animals that are currently at the animal shelter.
  2. All animals are entered into our database and then listed on our website.
  3. Under adoptability choose "scheduled for future adoptability". This will show the animals that have come in as strays and what day they came in.
  4. Also use the form below to report a lost animal.
  5. Make sure your information on the microchip is correct and that your vet has your current contact information on the rabies tag.
  6. Please come into the shelter to look for your animal as well.
Owner's Name:
Type of Animal (Dog, Cat,etc):
Description of the lost animal (please include color, age, distinguishing marks, tags or microchips, etc):
Pet's Veternarian:
In what area was the animal lost? (City, Subdivision and Street Names if possible):
Approximate Weight and/or Size:
How long has your pet been missing? (please include date and time):